Sunday, June 24, 2012

Liberty fabric hospital stay at RMH

Term 2 has been a long one.

A week to go before the school holidays. I have plenty of sewing to do and tidying to do. Also a week in Canberra to watch Big Niece play in the Kanga Cup. Little Niece and my sister might also turn up at the end of the week.

I will take my sewing machine, so we can spend some time sewing together at night.

In the middle of the term, I spent a week in Royal Melbourne Hospital and spent most of the week sewing my Liberty Stars fabric quilt. Normally I might finish one block in a week.
14 finished in under a week.

I had better get on and finish the quilt now.
Although I have been an Out Patient since 1995, I have never been
an In patient and I am planning not to be admitted ever again.

Lesson learnt. Pack lots of sewing, night gowns and coffee in a plastic jar.
Paper piecing easier to do with an AV drip than knitting or crochet.