Monday, August 30, 2010

My new weakness - macarons

A friend at work mentioned the Lindt Cafe at Chadstone had the best macaroons in Melbourne. I tried a couple on Friday night and was really impressed. After meeting up with Denise on Sunday afternoon at 1000 pound cafe. It was really exciting to catch up with Denise. We talked about  knitting and crochet, craft in Sydney and Melbourne. Cities I know well. I  then passed the Lindt cafe in Collins Street and popped in for more. 

Not great for my diet. I worked extra hard tonight at Gym.

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  1. yum! I haven't tried the macaroons at Chadstone yet (I've been living in Melbourne for nearly a year now and I still have not even been to Chadstone). My sister used to make amazing strawberry and mint macaroons all the time, but now she has moved to germany so I may just have to make a trip out to chadstone specially for them. :)