Monday, July 22, 2013

Go West - Body Parts visits

Today on my fortnightly day off from work I finally got around to dropping off a bag of woollen cardigans to Gaye from Body Parts. I have always loved her work and have a pair of 'wrist warmers' and a scarf. I could not see all that wool go to waste. I drove to West Melbourne to the Riverside Studios and we had a lovely chat about recycling and teaching.

More drops at oppy shops and libraries and then back to some gardening. Spring bulbs are starting to appear and tiny hooped daffodils are staring to appear. The garden will have to be as low maintenance as much as possible and very little will now be spent on it.

I have plenty of seeds and I will have enough to keep me and the new expensive blender (when I have saved for it) going for a while. If I can't eat then can I justify a 'Green Smoothie'. Even the soil can be a hazard and all veg has to be thoroughly washed.

Trying to make savings here and there. Setting up the utilities accounts to be paid from the bank.  Kind friends offering help (thanks heaps Bec). Dealing with a gum infection that has gone on for 6 weeks. Coughing all night. Crying at odd times. Thinking about pyjamas for hospital. The old daggy ones will have to be ditched.

I used to make decisions pretty quickly now I am faced with this situation. Do I drop Foxtel - who tell me I can keep my account with free to air for $10 a month and upgrade when I want to. Do I switch to a new Antenna and aerial point. The company just called and offered me a discount because of my illness - they had been discussing me in the office. They are all related to teachers and family who have been struck with cancer. Will people always be so kind?

I am armed with a list of medications and questions for my lady GP tonight. She will get a fright. One thing I decided against was professional counselling. I am OK for now. When I read that Medicare was only offered to the unemployed and low wage earners at a cancer specialist psychologist,  I laughed. Yeah right. I work hard and if I were unemployed and on the pension, I would get big discounts. Perhaps I just need HRT.

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  1. Hi Judy,
    Just catching up with your news. Must have been a shock to hear those words. Thinking of you.
    Cam x
    PS Email me any time if you feel like a chat