Sunday, July 21, 2013

I think you should have a Bone Marrow transplant

The last post I made to this blog has some chilling words that I wrote. I had just spent a week in hospital with a nasty infection and I spent the week sewing. I did not realize how ill I actually was. As a Chronic leukemia patient it was only the fourth time I had been in hospital.

The last 16 months have brought constant infections, heaps of antibiotics and 6 weeks of gum infection. Last month visiting my Specialist he had mentioned removing my spleen. Then in the school holidays he told me he had been discussing my case with an American colleague and they both thought agreed that a Bone Marrow transplant was the best solution.

 Years of G-CSF injections, antibiotics, intravenous antibiotics and Zovirax. Each time in hospital (4) , thinking I was unlucky but lucky not to be as sick as the other patients. Thinking I lose hair but not in clumps and I am never going back to RMH. How wrong could I be.

Now I am off Cyclosporine and have started oral Chemo (Methotrexate) yet another first. I think it has triggered early Menopause. I am seeing my lady GP tomorrow evening, so I will ask if my next blood test can confirm that. What else would cause me to have night sweats in winter. I will be sticking my head in the freezer at work. If I am still teaching in December, I have a brand new air conditioner in my food tech class. I will stand underneath it or in Orange bay with the other.

Now, I have to wait until 1st August to meet with a Bone Marrow support group and see my Specialist. I also will wait to tell my sister who is traveling overseas with her husband and children. I hope she will be my donor. They will not return until early August. The last thing I want do is ruin her trip.

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  1. Oh, Judy, I'm shocked! Sending you a big hug through the web! If there's anything you need, I'm happy to be tested for you if you need, or bring craft supplies XX