Monday, July 4, 2011

24/7 with my Big Niece for a week

Big Niece's first time in Melbourne by herself and in winter. Normally she flies down with her brother from Sydney. So after a trip to Savers in Brunswick to 'drop off' we picked up a nice handbag. Better than the stuffed toy BN. You can tell your friends you bought it in Melbourne. The sort of thing every girl should have. She was impressed.

Then we headed over to Monsieur Truffe in Collingwood for hot chocolates. They closed at 4.30 pm. Got there just in time.

Then after some fabric shopping at  'Spotty' and shopping for food, we had dinner at Balas in St.Kilda and cake for dessert. 

'I never wear at hat and scarf in Sydney' says BN. She looks nice in my purple knitted beret.
After dinner, dressed in winter pj's and dressing gowns everyone was very happy to watch MasterChef and a bit of Disney Chanel which I only watch when A and J are in town.  

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  1. It seems craft camp is off to a roaring start!!
    Yay Auntie J!!!!