Saturday, July 16, 2011

Wool and Sheep Show Bendigo 2011

Australian Wool and Sheep Show 2011 Woolcraft, wool for spinning, felting, knitting and crochet.
Farm supplies, produce, rides for the kids and lamb to cook.

Competitions and serious business

But where were the cute Alpacas? 
There was plenty of their wool to buy but no Alpaca tent. 

Preparing for competition.

Seriously, a fun day out with the lovely Mary who drove. The weather was gorgeous. 
I supported local suppliers, had a yummy Yabby Pie (would have gone back for the bisque) in the sun watching the sheep dog trials and added to the stash. 

What am I making today? A pom pom. Something I have not made since Year 9. I remember making 3 large blue pom pom's to wear on a clown costume for  Oh What a lovely war - musical

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