Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pom poms in the garden

My garden in Melbourne.

 I live in a small and quiet South East Suburb of Melbourne that people love to buy into because of the excellent high school and two lovely primary schools. 
There is a particularly good quilting shop nearby. 

People are friendly and the children stop in the morning and afternoon to pat the dog. My main garden is in the front. My backyard is just a courtyard with a small garden bed and pots.

My garden used to look like this.

Now it is lush and green and has raised beds.
I grow aspagarus, a number of lettuces, mizunas, mibuna, herbs, raspberries, flowers and have 3 fruit trees. The fruit trees have lost their leaves but I can see the little buds appearing on the 2 plumbs and the White Mulberry.

Now when people look through my gate to pat the dog and peer into the garden to see what I am growing they will see pom poms and foam butterflies as well.

Looks like a macaron pom pom.

Cavello Nero - Black Tuscan Cabbage loved by White Butterflies. The foam butterflies attached with fishing line are there to confuse the real butterflies. I have had less attacks and the cabbages and purple sprouting broccoli is doing incredibly well. 

Made with fast plastic templates.
Made the old fashioned way with a ring of cardboard.
Many thanks to Tania for the inspiration. 


  1. Magnificent.
    I am so tempted!!

  2. Oh I want a pompom tree! :)

  3. HOORAY! Don't they look mighty happy when they bob about in the wintry wind?! Still peering out the window endlessly at mine...

  4. Love it! I HAVE to find my pom pom maker!