Thursday, July 7, 2011

Shopping with big niece

I have spent the last couple of days shopping with Big Niece. I love shopping for craft and visiting garden nurseries. I really enjoy getting out and about in Melbourne, discovering new places. We both loved Open Drawer the 'hotties'. She bought me a lovely Curlypops Brooch and some felt.
We also headed to Daiso Doncaster but I prefer the Japanese shop in Bentleigh. 

In the last couple of days I have been stopping to look inside 'Opp' shops, instead of just dropping off. My late Mother, was a big 'Opp' shopper in Sydney and Melbourne. Visiting 'Opp' shops in the last couple of days has been sad for me. I keep expecting my Mum, to come out of book section. Every time we see one and stop we call it 'Spirit of Safta' - Grandmother in Hebrew.

BN has bought some bargains and I have picked up a woollen jumper to felt and some doilies. But oh, how expensive have they become. Some bargains are to be found but some shops have become very over priced. Is $8.00 reasonable to pay for a woollen jumper with holes in it. Ok, for the crafty felter. Would anyone else want to buy it?

BN's  first attempt at patchwork. She has now learnt about colours, matching fabric, rotary cutting and using a quarter inch foot. Tomorrow, we will make some scarves.

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