Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sewing with Big Niece

A very nice scarf made by BN. Japanese voiles from Spotty and plain fabric voile from Cleggs. BN is very pleased. I helped her cut the fabric and she sewed them together. Backed with cotton voile from Cleggs. I will make myself some more during the week. I might use some Liberty and Anna Maria Horner fabric. 

We have been to see King Tutankamen at the Melbourne Museum. A fantastic exhibition but even if you have a booked ticket you still have to queue to get in. Sadly, you do not get to see the actual Death Masks. These I have seen in Egypt about 25 years ago. They very rarely if ever leave Egypt. 

We have enjoyed hot and cold chocolates and cakes together. Back to the gym for me next week. I keep hearing my Pump class tracks on her iPod. 

I have bought her 'Chelsea Boots' and fabric for her Textiles class back in Sydney and she bought me a lovely brooch by Curlypops at Open Drawer. We both loved the 'hottie' exhibition and she sort of enjoyed the NGV- Art and Design Vienna (no line to get in). She however, liked the Australian Gallery at Federation Square. Overall, we have had a lovely time together. She FaceBooks and I Twitter. I have watched lots of tweenie, teenager tv and Nanny McPhee, the first two Harry Potter's and a bit of the 'Hangover.' Oy, what a strange movie. 

I hope she comes again by herself. I love her brother but he gets bored easily. He would prefer to play computer games all day. Little Niece is only 3 & 1/2 and is too little to spend a week away from home, yet. 
Well, I travelled to Melbourne from Sydney to stay with my Aunty Phyllis when I was 5 for the first time. I think, this is the when I fell in love with Melbourne. I still remember going into the coffee store in Carlisle Street in Balaclava.

Happy Crafting. One more week of school holidays. Sewing and Clean up is the go.


  1. I'll say it again! Best. Auntie. Ever!!!

  2. Ah, how lovely to hear from Melbourne. ( My faraways live there so I am very partial!) I wish had an Auntie like you to unravel the mysteries of the rotary cutter.....

    Sarah x