Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Book Launch & Bill, Adriano & Luke

The Exotic Rissole by Tanveer Ahmed
This is a lovely book about a first generation Bangladeshi boy and his parents. Tanveer's parents immigrated to Sydney in the 80's and he was educated at Sydney Grammar and Sydney University. 
He has worked as a journalist and is now a practicing psychiatrist.
This is a lovely book and it's nice to see a book about culture and identity from the Asian community in Australia. I have read lots of books from Asian writers from the UK. Tanveer's mother apparently made rissoles to serve at the Sydney launch. 

I love a good book launch, where you get to met the author in person and I used to go to regularly to book launches in Sydney at Gleebooks in Glebe or the State Library.

You can purchase their latest book or just listen to the author and they
will happily sign the book for you. 

I have been to a few in Melbourne at Readings in Hawthorn near Coles.
Often a nice glass of wine is on offer but when they invite a cookbook author
 they also have some food for you to sample ($20 charge).

Last year I went to the Melbourne launch of Kylie Kwong's it-tastes-better and Penguin books kindly sent me some posters for Kylie to sign. These are now in my Home Eco/Food Technology class room.

So when the latest Readings Flyer came through the mail last week, I was delighted to discover these Sydney boys would soon be in town. Well, Bill does come from Melbourne but has been in Sydney for years. So I imagine he still has family here.

Bill Granger

Adriano Zumbo

Luke Nguyen

Yes, I bought tickets to both nights. Imagine Adriano and Luke in one evening.


  1. I really want to come! especially if they are cooking. Luke Nguyen is so awesome, lucky you!

  2. WOW what a mighty threesome to see ... I agree Luke and Adriano together ... I'm envious! Great to see your comments working :)