Friday, October 7, 2011

Day 7 - Students and scissors

Purple sprouting broccoli - oh sew pretty but where is the rest?

I love my garden. I am always looking for new things to plant in my tiny space. For years I have been watching British TV programmes with Purple Spouting Broccoli. No one sells the seedlings, so I had to grow these from seed. I had 6 beautiful large plants over winter and this is the result. One tiny head.

Now I can buy it from my local farmers market. Next year I will grow 'broccolini' or 'broccolette" again. I have much more success with that.
Farmers Market Purple spouting broccoli
Being the good Home Economics/Food Technology teacher that I am, I spent the morning with two students at the Wheelers Hill Library. Their complicated -  3 term folio is due Monday and like most kids  much of the work has been left to the last moment. 

I then zoomed across town to Northcote to a 'Scissor Sharpening' lunch party at the lovely Nicole's design studio.

I met up with crafty friends and made some new. I always find it weird meeting bloggers.

Don't get me wrong. I read their blogs, I look at their photos of their homes and kids and I feel like I know them but I don't.
I met up with Bec (who I have know for 4 years and is also ex-Sydney), Brianna,  (South Side Brown Owls and Michelle (from Pearl 8 and South side Brown Owls).

I met for the first time Lara and her girls, ClaireKarenMelanie and Juddie. I met a few more girls but I can't remember their names and blogs. I am too shy to bounce up to everyone and introduce myself.

I must say Melbourne crafty girls are a very friendly lot.

These lovely seedlings were grown by Nicole's sister  and were being given away downstairs. 
She works in a nursery and had planted far to many Diggers seeds. Many thanks Leonie and Nicole. They will be planted out in the next couple of days. 

On the way home I spotted a couple of my pom-poms in Pip's window. 


  1. so good to have met you on Friday! it was a great afternoon and Leonie's seedlings are now planted in the garden & enjoying the rain.

    Happy Sunday to you J ♥

  2. Yep. My seedlings are in, too!!

    I'm so glad you were able to make it over to us on Friday. I've left a list of links to everone's blogs over on my blog post today.

  3. Judy, it was really lovely to have met you. I am still very touched by your lovely comments about my sewing! I'm sure that we will meet again.