Sunday, October 9, 2011

Vintage doilies love & The Fabric Cave in Sydney

Found in Bentleigh

Found at the Fabric Cave in Ryde, Sydney. Excuse the lack of ironing.

Why don't we have a charity shop like the Fabric Cave in Melbourne? 
Or do we? 

If you are heading to Sydney, it is worth the drive to Ryde 
(about an hour - depending on the traffic) from town. 
Warning it is only open on Monday and Friday and from 10am  - 2 pm.  

Due to a 4 hour delayed flight and losing my luggage and heavy traffic from the airport,  
I only had 15 minutes to look through the two little stores. One has fabric and the other has buttons, threads, patterns, doilies and other bits and bobs. I could have spent much more. 
The ladies are lovely and they do not over charge. 
You can park easily outside and sometimes inside. The shops are near the oval. 

Vintage sheet from an Opp Shop (Charity Shop)  in Botany.

This little shop was one my late mother visited often because we both lived not far away. 
I dropped lots of stuff off there before I left Sydney. 

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