Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Finally, it is hot in Melbourne. The class room was hot, I taught the noisy class and then later the nice class. I lost my temper with several boys for fighting. The kids could not stop talking. They all enjoyed making Spinach and Ricotta Cheese Triangles.

Sticky Date Cupcake from Great Cakes at South Melbourne Markets

I could easily have consumed this and bought a bottle of wine. Instead, I bought a Kensington Mango and some Red Bean Buns for dinner. Now I feel better. Better get on with the Wedding Bunting.

I promise to show you the finished results on the weekend. 
Back to the gym tomorrow and back on the healthy eating plan. 
The Chihuahua and me are on a diet and the weight is slowly coming off.

Thank goodness, I can do something nice tomorrow for myself and recover on my day off.

Sleep soundly in your bed tonight Gilad.

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