Thursday, October 13, 2011

Give away - Japanese embroidery book & Ikea Melbourne

Japanese embroidery book

I have a few Japanese books and on my recent trip to Sydney, I had to make a quick trip into town to visit Kinokinuya. I mean quick because I had big niece (13) and little niece (4) with me.

So the first person to make a comment will get the book and some other goodies from the stash.

Today is my day off and after several loads of washing, cleaning, gardening and vacuuming, I finally went to the new Ikea Springvale  in Melbourne.

The new store in Sydney near the old 'Tempe Tip in St.Peters will be even bigger than the Melbourne store. I believe it will open later in the year.

 Apparently, there are 500 seats in the cafeteria and the store hopes that people will come along and have a meal then shop. I have only ever had a cake and coffee at Ikea. So, I thought I would give it ago.

I would only ever come here during the week. When the whole Super Center opens in late November, it will house at least 20 other large retailers like Harvey Norman, JB Hi Fi and so on.

So I lined up and studied the menu and the display cases. The food is not fancy but there is a range of options and size portions. I chose the kids sized Swedish Meat Balls, Mash & Gravy, Salt and Pepper Squid and a garden salad and Lemon Mrytle Pannacotta for pudding.

Whenever you come across a new Ikea Store, it takes times to discover where things are and this new store is quite confusing at first. There are thousands of places to park and signage is good in spots but not if you take the Warrigal Rd Exit. Once you find it, it is very easy to get out.

The entrance is in the middle of the complex and the Ikea check out and exit is on the Warrigal Rd side of the complex.

Swedish Meat Balls, mash and gravy.- optional Chips - (Kids portion). Quite bland and tasteless.
Salt and Pepper Squid - tasted like KFC
Nice garden salad. 
By far the best -  Lemon Myrtle  Pannacotta (mousse) - I really liked this.
 The cafe is clean and very child friendly with a microwave. They also have really cool tray trolleys. Oh, and if you clear away your own plates, there is a fantastic conveyer belt that carries the tray away to the kitchen scullery. 

Goodbye plates
Needles to say, I not a big fan of Ikea food.  I only really buy small items like bins and candles. I have some small coffee tables. I no longer purchase their furniture. 

I would much prefer to have a Vietnamese Pho or Chinese Yum Cha in Springfield.

I hope you have a good journey. 


  1. Hi.. not sure if you want to ship to UK, but that book looks so cute!

    I feel you on Ikea.. Generally just (want to) get small things there, but unfortunately for us, we can't afford much more! Gotta spend SOME money on fabric and other crafty bits, eh? ;)

  2. I live in the same are and IKEA did a letterbox drop apologising that Tempe opening has been dealyed till Nov.3 ... don't know any other retailer that would do that :) The found looks awful ... thankfully the shopping is great :)