Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Shop visit - calico and ivy Balmain Sydney

On my recent trip to Sydney, I checked out a few 'fabric and foodie' pitstops. 
Places I know well and new.
After the 'Fabric Cave' in Ryde my GPS took me to 'Calico and Ivy' in Balmain.

Fabric for the stash 
Hours sign for Calico and Ivy Balmain
the cutest shop ever

 I parked the car in a parking zone free and walked back to the shop. What pretty streets and houses they have in Balmain but hard to park. Houses are small and extremely expensive. Very expensive. Especially if you have a harbour view.

I have visited 'Calico and Ivy' in Perth a couple of times and was amazed at their  beautiful shop in Balmain. A lovely collection of fabrics including Liberty. 
Victorian tiles stairs

Million dollar + views looking over the harbour

the view down to Cockatoo Island.

No time for a harbour cruise this time.  


  1. That IS the cutest shop ever! I only ever went to Balmain a couple of times; too hilly for my tubby self... ;)

  2. Oo Calico and Ivy, would so love to go! Hope you had a great break!!